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At BLACK GOLD RAW HAIR, we are pleased to offer to you high quality double drawn raw south Indian hair and bone straight Vietnamese hair. These are premium hair bundle, closures, frontals and wigs with cuticles facing in the same direction. Our hair is ethically sourced from small local family-oriented factories in India and Vietnam.  These factories in India source their hair from temples.

South Indian hair is priced for its natural wavy texture as opposed to north Indian hair which is not so wavy. The women of south India are known for beautiful thick natural hair with healthy cuticles which they do not color or synthetically enhance much in any way.

Our Vietnamese hair is bone straight, usually naturally black in color, thick, silky, smooth and strong but usually softer than Indian hair.

Our hair is guaranteed to last for years as long as you put in the work of caring for it like your own head of hair. This means you must shampoo and deep condition it as needed. Our wavy Indian hair can be straightened or curled but will go back to it’s original wavy texture when wet or washed. Our Vietnamese bone straight hair remains straight with little need to flat iron it. This hair texture is best suited for straight styles as opposed to wavy or curly styles. But whatever your preference, all our hair is versatile. 



Our hair is cuticle aligned and free of lice and lice nits and to ensure this, all our hair is frozen for days as soon as we receive it from each supplier BEFORE the packs are opened to ensure all lice and lice nits are eliminated. After freezing, each bundle is washed, conditioned, air dried and re-examined before sale.


Once we ship your parcel, please note that we do not accept returns or offer exchanges for wigs, closures, frontals, pony tails or human hair bundles once shipped and delivered. Any changes, exchanges, return requests, refund requests to your order must be made BEFORE we ship your order & send you a tracking number confirming the shipment.


Our raw south Indian or Vietnamese hair and any of our other products can be shipped to you in any country globally via courier services such as DHL. All USA orders are shipped via USPS. Your tracking number will be sent to you after it is shipped.

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